Purchasing a Home: Realtors

Good realtors can make a big difference

When purchasing a home, the traditional approach has been to use a realtor. Your realtor will take you to inspect properties and represent you to the seller of the property. Your realtor will also often work with mortgage brokers from a mortgage company.

However, remember that realtors are primarily interested in their fee. Therefore:
• They have more interest in large $ sales
• They have more interest in customers with cash and good credit ratings.

You’ve got to do some groundwork. Most important, try to get loan preapproval from your bank or credit union before you even go looking. If you are preapproved, you have increased leverage in negotiating with a seller.

Check your credit rating also (although this will be a part of preapproval).

Don’t let the realtor represent both you and the seller (dual agency).
• They should represent your interests
Research and choose a realtor. If you walk in, you’ll get the “realtor du jour” or the available realtor.
Call and ask who’s the best from the secretary or visit the website.

Also, research the type of home you want beforehand. Investigate the neighborhood, schools, etc. on the web.