Featured 6-month CD from Alostar Bank – 1.12% APY

Alostar Bank offers a 1.27% 12-month CD

This featured 6-month CD from Alostar Bank sports a leading 1.12% APY, well above the 0.28% national average of 6-month CDs.

There is a minimum of $1,000 to open this CD, compounding is daily, and there is a 1-month penalty for early withdrawal.

Alostar’s 6-month CD is FDIC insured to a limit of $250,000.

This Birmingham, AL-based bank provides a whole spectrum of CDs, savings accounts and checking accounts and can be reached at 1-877-738-6391.

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  • jells

    Wow! I think this is great!  With all the prices that is really affordable.. I am planning to purchase these Cd. I believe that it easier to have a copy of your own and with this I can monitor the money and save as well.