Most Expensive Home in the U.S. – Got $175 Million, Anyone?

This will set you back only $175 million

We have been through the era of conspicuous consumption (though some say we never left it…)  We have also been through the housing crash, which left millions of homeowners underwater and prices of homes plummeting.

Yet among the very rich and at the high end, home prices have not budged, other than upwards. Thus we present to you the most expensive home in the United States, at an eye-popping $175 million!

Located close to the town of Jackson, Wyoming, the property spans 1,750 acres – let’s see you mow that lawn on a Sunday afternoon!

Seriously, it’s a cutting horse and cattle ranch known as Jackson Land and Cattle. It has rolling timbered hills with aspens and evergreens, large productive hay meadows, fishing ponds, a spring creek, tremendous views of the Tetons.

..but you get to see this every day

What gives it the astounding price tag is not the modest 3-bedroom house, which was converted from a barn, or the attached four-bedroom guest/bunkhouse and two employee apartments.

No, the real kicker here is the 52 stall equestrian center designed by Jonathan Foote, one of preeminent equestrian facilities in the west. Plus who can forget the huge acreage.

So if you’re a horse lover and have $175 million to plunk down, perhaps this property is for you. For the rest, we’ll stop the gaping and move on.