What’s the Net Worth of the Republican Presidential Candidates? (4 of 8)

Not the wealthiest of the candidates, by far

4. Michele Bachman  ($912,000 to $2.15 million)

Rep. Michele Bachmann net worth is in the range of $912,000 to $2.15 million, andher largest assets being a clinic property in Minnesota and a family farm in Wisconsin, according to new financial disclosures filed with the House.

The Minnesota Republican reported that Bachmann and Associates Psychotherapy is worth at least $100,000, Bachmann Clinic Properties is worth at least $500,000, and Bachmann Farm Family LP is also worth at least a half-million dollars.

She said that she did not earn money from the farm but she reported between $5,000 and $15,000 in “farm income” from it in 2010.  Her net worth pales in comparison to those of Romney, Gingrich and Huntsman.

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