What’s the Net Worth of the Republican Presidential Candidates? (6 of 8)

Santorum has the least net worth of the Republican candidates

6. Rick Santorum  ($522,015 to $1.9 million)

Richard John “Rick” Santorum’s net worth is between $522,015 and $1,824,997.

Santorum was born on May 10, 1958 and is a lawyer and a former United States Senator from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He was the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference – the third-ranking Senate Republican from 2001 until his leave in 2007. Santorum is regarded as a social and fiscal conservative.

Santorum was a regular contributor to Fox News, and also a columnist, a consultant to an energy company, and a member of a conservative think-tank in D.C.

According to Pittsburgh-based site Early Returns, most of Santorum’s assets “are tied up in rental properties he owns around the Penn State campus and college savings plans for five of his children.”

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