What’s the Net Worth of the Republican Presidential Candidates? (7 of 8)

Rick Perry collects both retirement and a salary from the State of Texas

6. Rick Perry (more than $1.3 million)

Rick Perry is worth at least $1.1 million, according to Forbes. The majority of this wealth has been accumulated while he served in office.

Perry’s biggest source of income is his real estate deals. In 2007, Perry made over $800,000 selling land in Texas’ Horseshoe Bay, a lot he had originally purchased in 2001 for approximately $300,000.

Controversy has followed not only this deal but others too, with critics claiming Perry used political leverage to increase his profits.

The report filed with the Federal Election Commission also shows Perry collects a $7,700 monthly state pension in addition to his nearly $133,000 annual salary as governor.

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