NASA Will Pay You… To Eat Space Food for Four Months

You can practice being on Mars and eating mission grub for $5,000

NASA is calling for volunteers to simulate conditions on a planned trip to Mars. These volunteers will be paid cash for volunteering to eat space mission food and wear space suits for four months in Hawaii on a lava flow.

Mashable writes,

The space agency is looking for applicants to eat astronaut food for four months during a simulated trip to the Red Planet. Participants will try instant foods, and ones with shelf-stable ingredients, and scientists will record their reactions. The goal of the experiment is to discover what foods people like to consume consistently.

Although the applicants never leave earth, their reactions to the bland space mission food – such as flour, sugar and dried meat – will be recorded in order to make improvements to the space diet.

All expenses will be paid for the 4-day training workshop, 2-week pre-mission training and the 4-month actual simulation. To be eligible, applicants must have a Bachelors degree in engineering, biological or physical sciences, mathematics, or computer science. They must also be healthy and have a strong interest in the space program.

Oh, and by the way, the pay for this jaunt? $5,000, plus all travel and housing expenses.  For that pay, we guess the volunteers will have to be VERY interested in space travel.  You can apply here.