The End of the Maybach: Mercedes Benz was Losing $437,000 Per Car

It's the end of the road for Mercedes' revived Maybach brand

The Maybach was Mercedes-Benz’ effort to sell cars in the rarefied world of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. However, financial reality in the form of poor sales and steep losses has eventually hit and Mercedes has finally thrown in the towel.

The British magazine Car writes that Mercedes has lost money on every Maybach it sold. It calculated the company absorbed 330,000 Euros of red ink on every Maybach sold, which is about $437,000 apiece or a total loss of $1.3 billion.

For a car that stylish, that’s brutal. Car magazine writes;

What went wrong with Maybach? Was it the name, the product, the positioning, the price? Short answer: all of the above, and more. The Maybach’s homespun design which bumped a few branches on the ugly tree on the way down certainly did not help, and when the new S-class was launched in 2005, the Maybach 57/62 was stuck with the previous platform, with dated electronics and fast-ageing powertrains.

Mercedes has sold only about 3,000 of the cars across the world at about $400,000 and above a pop.  However, each lavishly-outfitted dealer sold only 150-300 cars per year. Mercedes will now focus on the S-Class as its high-end.

Watch a test drive below.